Chitty-Chitty, Chatty-Chatty, Glüg-Glüg, Natter-Natter, Do this, Do that…Grrrrrh

Welcome to my monkey mind: a never-ending cacophony of to do’s and remembers; projects; inner-conversations; the back-and forth voices of guilt, shame and anger (sigh), and of sadness and torment; awe, delight and amazement also dwell up my tree, but then so do the snickers and observations – the running commentary on everything that enters my perceptual realm; and, and, and…. You know what? It can be downright exhausting.

Last night in the used book store on the Main I came across a copy of Natalie Goldberg’s Long Quiet Highway: Waking Up In America. I read the book about two years ago when I was living in Vancouver and losing my marbles. The book really spoke to me at the time. I had lent it to Eric, my very sweet long-lost cousin, and have not been able to find a copy anywhere since. Always on the look-out for a handful of specific titles, my jaw dropped when I saw it on the shelf literally a split second from when I had just wondered whether Waking Up would be under Religion/Buddhism or Writing. (Of course it was misplaced and set in the New Age section. Oh well. What was I doing there anyway?)

So, it was a ‘wake-up’ call of sorts. WAKE UP!!!! And that’s what I did this morning: I woke up three hours before work started, went for a 45-minute bike ride up Mount-Royal, came home and started my first blog! Last night I said to myself, Imagine what you could fucking do if you just woke up earlier. I usually start work at 10, so why-the-hell-not wake up at 7 and DO SOME LIVING?! I know Natalie didn’t literally mean rise and shine, get outta bed, but one waking up, hopefully will lead to another.

Before I sign off on this beautiful May morning, I would like to welcome you (and me) to a place where I don’t have to apologize or be sorry – for anything. That in itself will be a great challenge, but that’s my intention. I will “use the page to rest”, as Julia Cameron would suggest. Merci et à la prochaine…